Hydraulic-Lift Column

Hydraulic lift columns have a locking hinge and are raised and lowered using a portable hydraulic unit.


Hydraulic-lift Poles are suitable for applications where numerous floodlights require maintenance at heights of up to 45m and a mid-hinged pole is not suitable. GPA Hydraulic-lift Poles are often used for airports, wharfs, train yards sporting ovals and mine-sites. The Powerlift allows for a larger number of lighting fixtures at heights up to 45m. The poles if can be quickly lowered and raised by attaching a portable hydraulic unit. The Hydraulic-lift Pole is perfectly suited for use at airports, sporting ovals, and mine sites.\


  • 10 to 40m height
  • Hydraulic-lift Poles are base plate mounted
  • The poles are available in tapered octagonal and polygonal sided
  • Luminaire adaptors, cross arms, headframes and lightning rods
  • Portable hydraulic unit
  • Operator training


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